Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Holiday in Blackpool With Your Pets

Blackpool may not be a place you would consider visiting with your pet. However, you would be surprised how many establishments in Blackpool that will welcome your dog, cat, rabbit or other small furry pet! If you want a fun packed family holiday in the UK but can't bear to leave your pet behind, then Blackpool is an ideal location. There is a huge choice of varied Blackpool rental accommodation that accept pets.

With the growing number of holiday makers wishing to take their pets, Blackpool pet friendly rental accommodation ranges from bed and breakfasts, camp sites, self-catering apartments and private hotels. Blackpool is a great place for a short break in the UK with your pet. Despite being packed full of family attractions, there are also plenty of public parks and beaches which offer an ideal location for walking your dog. Blackpool has miles of sandy beaches and the most amazing sunsets. What could be more idyllic than an early evening walk on a sandy beach watching the sun go down over the sea? Dogs are allowed on the beaches throughout the year but, during the peak summer season, they are not permitted on the central beaches between the piers. That still leaves miles of sandy beach North of North Pier and South of South Pier where dogs are welcome at all times.

Take your pet on holiday to Blackpool and the whole family will be kept amused. Pet friendly rentals in Blackpool comes in all types of establishments. There are many options for bookings holidays in Blackpool where pets are allowed.

If you always go on holiday with your pet, you might find that you usually end up in a cottage miles from anywhere. That might be fantastic for your dog but perhaps leaves the children bored. Blackpool offers something for the whole family. There are lots of shows in Blackpool. There is a theme park, a famous tower with a great circus, a water park, three piers, a waxworks, sea life centre, zoo, the list goes on.

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