Monday, January 23, 2012

Here Explain Camping and My Favorite Campfire Recipe

As an avid camper, I have spent quite a bit of time beneath the stars, warming my hands before a roaring campfire. I am amazed when I meet someone in my other business travels that are from a large city and have never had the opportunity to go camping and sit beneath a beautiful starlit night. One can try their best to explain it, but words can never paint that picture.

As you might imagine, I watched countless times as my mother lovingly prepared our nightly meal in a cast iron pot which hung neatly above the orange glow of flames. The travel trailers we camped in have changed a lot since I was a kid, but my mom's recipes never did. Our first camper had no water heater, air conditioner, or microwave. Now, our Dutchmen travel trailer has all of those things, and much, much, more. Yes, the travel trailers have been improved through many changes. My mom's recipes however, are still the same old recipe. There was no way to improve them in my humble opinion. These camping years taught me numerous camping recipes. I would like to share with you one of my favorites, which is called Doritos Delight.

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